Te, sharp, and intermittent. Starting in the flank, the pain moves toward the groin. viagra price lahore The pain may be so severe that it causes nausea and vomiting. Blood may be noted in the urine (hematuria). Physical exam: the individual appears to be in severe pain. Blood pressure may be elevated as a result of the pain. Tapping softly on the flank will make the pain worse. viagra time of maximum effect As the stone moves farther down the urinary tract, the abdomen, although soft, may be tender over the location of the stone. Pelvic and prostate exams should be normal. Tests: examination of the urine may reveal large numbers of red blood cells and the presence of crystals. The degree of acidity or alkalinity of the urine may indicate the type of stone involved. viagra online without prescription X-ray studies of the abdomen can identify up to 85% of renal calculi, and will show the site of the stone. An intravenous pyelogram (x-ray of kidneys after intravenous injection with contrast medium) can confirm the site of the stone and also indicate any obstruction of the urinary tract above the stone. online viagra without prescription Obstruction can also be monitored by ultrasound scanning. cost of generic viagra 100mg When a metabolic disorder is the suspected cause of the stone, chemical analysis of the blood and urine may reveal high levels of calcium, phosphate, or urate. How is renal calculi treated? viagra coupon Renal calculus is treated with bedrest and pain relief (often using narcotic painkillers). price viagra 100mg india Fluid intake is increased to encourage the passage of the stone from the kidney, through the ureter, bladder, and out through the urethra. viagra online The majority of small stones (less than five millimeters in diameter) are passed in the urine with relatively few problems. With larger stones, or if an infection or obstruction to the urinary flow is present, surgical treatment may be needed to prevent damage to the kidney. The traditional method of removing stones from the ureter or from the junction between the ureter and kidney has been by surgery under general anesthesia (lithotomy). Distal stones in the ureter can also be crushed and removed through ureteroscopic stone extraction. viagra women men A viewing tube with crushing device is passed up the urethra, bladder, and into the ureter. Under direct vision, the stones are crushed or removed with basket forceps. In recent years, however, newer methods have evolved for removing kidney and ureteral stones. generic viagra canada In ultrasonic or percutaneous lithotripsy, a nephroscope (telescopic viewing tube) is inserted into the kidney through a small flank incision. An ultrasonic probe, directed through the tube, br.  
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